How KidScape Productions Came To Be

Hello there, it’s Christiana. What a joy it is to bring our programming back to Nevada where I was born, and I am so honored to work with such an amazing community!  My passion for KidScape Productions began years ago in my youth.   Growing up is a challenge for so many young people, and my own childhood experiences resulted in anxiety, self-doubt, and the inability to learn effectively in school.  I was one of many young students in elementary, middle and high school that worried so much about what others thought of me, I was convinced I didn’t fit in.  Growing up I was painfully troubled of who I was, where I came from,  experienced much loss and terrified of where my life was headed.  This resulted in absences at school, endless nights crying, and lost education.  At age 17, I left Reno and landed in New York City where I was given an opportunity to gain confidence for life.

You see,  my objective at that time was to learn the craft of acting. What I didn’t know was that 17 years and hard work would present a much essential skill for happiness and success in all areas of my life.

My journey took me to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), Juilliard,  Herbert Berghof Studio (HB),  private coaching with Uta Hagen, and Yale School of Drama.  Each step of the way (hanging on with many side jobs) I was given the gift of confidence that grew through repetition of presenting myself over and over again in different environments.  I dabbled in stage productions, and short films as well as hit Broadway, all which became the necessary opportunities to lead me in a new direction. With this new found skill, the light bulb was switched on, and I realized that through this process, I could ensure others were given similar tools to master this lack of certainty.

The passion of the program,  lies very close to the hearts of  each of our staff members as well as our KidScape Productions students, whom we refer to as family.  Each class/workshop or event is designed for individuals to discover their strengths no matter the age, demographic or personal story they hold.  Through a hands on kinesthetic approach, each person is given the opportunity to identify their communication strengths and our mentors help them identify where to implement them for the best success.  We thrive on repetition and agree that the more times you do something the easier it is!  Our belief is if you can’t effectively talk about it, teach it, and engage others with your words, then what is the purpose of knowledge? Through improvisational games, full plays and scenes, our constant focus is on each participants process and their ability to learn through repetition and performance. The application we offer is rooted in helping the individual discover their strengths and how to become leaders.  Mountains of work go into writing these improvisational applications to fit the needs of different learning environments and modalities (i.e. social emotional learning, emotional intelligence and mindfulness), and we went into action. Now that we are back and based in Nevada, we are also currently reaching outside of the United States with our video trainings, writing a book on our applications, and learning from our KidScape students! The time is here. My life’s mission and passion is to inspire and teach all ages on how to master their communication skills, so what they know may flow freely; changing and molding our futures!