Our Staff

Christiana Frank

Owner/Founder/Curriculum Developer

Christiana Frank-Daniels created KidScape Productions at the New York City Police Department /At-Risk Youth Division in 1999. She has attended Juilliard in New York City, Yale School of Drama in Connecticut as well as two years of extensive coaching with Uta Hagen.     KidScape Productions utilizes research-based improvisation, role-play and theatre techniques to help students master important life skills that work on and off the stage.  Mrs. Frank-Daniels’ passion is rooted in her commitment to lifelong learning and sharing KidScape Productions and its effects on educators and students in the United States and abroad.

Charles Daniels

Operations Manager/Instructor

Charles Daniels is originally from San Diego, CA and has lived in Reno since 2004. Mr. Daniels is the Operations Manager and Technical Support for KidScape Productions as well as an instructor. Mr. Daniels served in the United States Marine Corps and was also a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service and CalFire. He brings a positive, fun, focused attitude that is motivational and goal/growth oriented.

Angie Pena-Rivera


Hello! My name is Angie Pena-Rivera and I was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Reno, Nevada. I have worked with kids between the ages of two year olds to seventeen year olds for over twelve years now and enjoy every second of it. I gained most of my experience with kids through babysitting, being a Sunday school teacher, and being a youth leader at my local church. My passion for kids does not stop there since I am currently in school to become a Speech Pathologist and help kids with not only their speech but also confidence. Kidscape Productions is an amazing program that allows kids to come out of their comfort zone, gain confidence, and have great communication skills that will shape and mold them to be great human beings in this world and I am honored to be a part of this program.

Ashlea Nichols


Hey Everyone!! My name is Ashlea Nichols and I have lived in Reno my whole life. I graduated Reno High in 2010 with honors in Choir. I have worked with kids for as long as I can remember and have always had a passion for music and theater!! Working with KidScape makes all three of my passions come to life!! I know how important communication and confidence is and I want my students to stand tall and proud in their skin!! It took me far too long to be comfortable in my own. So this is where my passion and heart goes. Bringing self-confidence through fun and exciting games!!!!!

Chad William Michael


Chad William Michael began Exploring his passion for Acting & Coaching 6 years ago. Gratitude, Excercise, Meditation, Film, Radio, Theater, Improve & Travel have positively provoked A Continual Journey of Growing & Learning. He Is Very Encouraged to be a part of Kidscape Production.

Claire Schmotzer


Claire is a world traveler who recently settled in Reno, where she quickly became involved with the literary and world dance scenes. Claire is a professional educator who began her career teaching English to children in Thailand before moving on to work with youth and young adults in Timor-Leste and the Middle East. She is also a semi-professional Middle Eastern dancer with 10 years of experience, including dancing with locals in Oman and Saudi Arabia. She has facilitated sold out dance workshops and currently trains in African hip hop. Claire is excited to use love of the arts to empower kids and youth and build healthy communities in the groups she leads.  

Dace Ebert


I've been studying and performing improv since 2013. Originally trained at Atlas Improv Company in Madison, WI, I've also studied with Monkey Business Institute, Come On Jackson, From Justin To Kelly, Empire Improv, and Reno Improv. I'm a strong believer in the potential of improv as a form of storytelling, community building, and personal growth through trying on new ideas. It's a great privilege to empower our youth with these tools, while having a lot of fun in the process.

Daniel Owens


Daniel Owens was born and raised in Reno Nevada. He graduated in 2009 from McQueen High School and was inducted into the International Thespian Society. Daniel has been performing ever since he was eight years old and has been in over 20 musicals locally. Daniel feels very excited and blessed to be a part of Kidscape Productions.

Lucy Villanueva


Hey, I’m Lucy! I am originally from Huntsville TX but have been living here in Reno for more than 12 years. I am currently in a Health and Wellness company that helps others look and feel their very best. My biggest interest is on learning how to live a fulfilling life, while making an impact on this world with our actions. I strongly believe the skills and talents these kids will learn in Kidscape will shape their self confidence, help them think outside the box, give them the freedom of expression and best of all teach them to know themselves.
I believe a good self esteem is critical for everyone including children and teens. It makes a such a big difference on the way we handle all kinds of situations and the life path we choose to take. There is no better reward for me than knowing I can make a difference in someone’s life. I am not only here to teach, but to help the kids grow and make a difference in their lives.pe!

Regina Powers


Regina was a Singer, Dancer, Illusionist. She and her partner performed under the name Dexion, traveling all over the world with Greg Thompson Productions. She is grateful to be able to give back all the experience she has learned in being a professional performer.

Tina Hale


Hi, I've been a freelance fashion designer for 30 years. Now strictly a jewelry designer for the last 18. I am a volunteer motivational speaker for kids, and resource classes.  I moved to Reno about four years ago, with my husband Tom. I have two kids, Jamie and Jarod. Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given!!!