Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

These are actual students and parents testimonials about KidScape Productions (kSp).

Walter P, parent of gifted student

Hello! I thought I’d take a few minutes to share a parent’s view of the Spring 2018 Applied Improv workshops for GT students delivered by KidScape Productions.

My student is a female tenth-grader in the GATE Institute at Procter R. Hug High School, and the Applied Improv (AI) sessions have been the highlights of her winter and spring. She has looked forward to them every week, and was very sad when snow days altered the schedule.

When pressed to describe why she enjoyed AI so much, she says:
— she was able to apply some of her AI skills to her performance in the Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest.
— it was good to be able to be pushed out of her social comfort zone in a safe space during AI classes.
— she auditioned for the school’s spring play … something she wouldn’t have felt the confidence for without the AI work in her tool box.
— The AI classes were a terrific stress relief … just to improv things up for four hours, being directly in those moments without all the other  stresses that GT students must endure.

From my perspective as parent, I appreciate all those things. I also welcomed the opportunity to get her out of the house and into a weekend activity she enjoyed. (Introverts are tricky to raise.) She also got to meet a different facet of the GT  student population … many in the class were
younger than her.

Summing up, this parent found the Applied Improv workshops a welcome and useful contribution to his gifted student’s growth and development.


Sandra C, Gifted and Talented Parent

I would like to commend the KidScape Program at AACT High School. My daughter, Mary, has benefitted from Ms. Christiana’s and Mr. Dace’s enthusiasm and direction, especially concerning non verbal communication skills.  Regardless of one’s academic strengths,  it’s very difficult to be successful without a good grasp on communication skills. The KidScape meetings have provided a safe place for students to practice face to face communication skills, and to have fun while doing so. As you know, the WCSD population is quite a neurologically diverse population. I believe the KidScape Program would be a tremendous benefit to students who are highly gifted, but lacking in their ability to read facial expressions and social cues. I am now learning more about the autism spectrum, especially Asperger’s syndrome, and feel like these students have been falling through the cracks in our educational arena. For a more promising future for our students, I hope the WCSD will continue the Kidscape Program. Many thanks to you, Molly Ivans, and Christiana for implementing this valuable program.


Joseph Pazar, Gifted and Talented Educational Coordinator, Nevada

Kidscape expertly taught our students how to open up and be comfortable in their own skin, as well as many interpersonal social skills. Even the quieter students became hams for the moment! Perhaps the greatest compliment comes with the fact that every student left with a huge smile after learning skills and concepts that will benefit them in nearly every domain of life.


Heath E. Morrison, Ph.D.Former Superintendent, Washoe County School District

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of support for KidScape Productions. Our school district has benefited from its partnership with this organization. They currently work with the majority of schools in the WCSD and they are truly assisting with our mission of “Every Child, By Name and Face, to Graduation”. KidScape provides life skills and leadership programs with a curriculum focused on presentation, confidence and kinesthetic application through improvisational acting. Some of the many skills they emphasize include:

  • Understanding daily expression
  • Social Interaction
  • Verbal Communication
  • Higher order thinking and concentration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Goal and Objective Planning
  • Team Work
  • Increased self confidence and self esteem
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Self Respect
  • Self Discipline
  • Applied Leadership
  • Role Playing

It is a pleasure to work with this organization.


Seth B, Reno NV Parent

I decided to take my daughter to the older kids’ year end KidScape performance tonight to show her what hard work and dedication can lead to. OMG the performance blew us away!

The kids were so confident, brave, witty, and funny that you could take that show to Comedy Central!

I love positive energy, and you, the KidScape team, and all the kids in the KidScape family are absolutely overflowing with it. Positive energy is the creative and driving force for positive change, healthy relationships, effective communication, success in business, command of presence, strong leadership, character, and confidence. It gives you the confidence to Go For It in life and take on the challenging experiences that build character.

KidScape will help so many children break out of their shells. It tips them out of their nests and lets them spread their wings!


Lelan Harris, Reno NV Administrator at Heart To Hand School

I am so very grateful for the high quality educational programming that your team brought to Heart To Hand School this summer.

From the very beginning, as Heart To Hand and KidScape began the “dance” of getting to know each other, I have appreciated the authentic warmth, groundedness, and reflective depth all of you manifest in not only your professional conversations but also your personal relationships.

While to some degree “anyone” can provide programming, the first thing we look for is the inner life of those spending time with our children. Each member of your team brought the kind of clear, beautiful soul qualities that were the ultimate gifts to our students.


Kami S. Reno, NV Parent

Just a quick positive note. Alyssa had an oral book report presentation last week. When I asked her how it went this was her reply.” I did so well. The best I’ve ever done on a class presentation. For the first time ever I wasn’t nervous and I was able to look at my classmates. I think the play classes have really helped me have more confidence in myself and has really helped me speak in front of other people.” I’m glad she is getting the opportunity to work with you! Thank you.


Reno, NV Parent

My daughter, wasn’t too keen about Drama Club but I was so impressed with the program that Christiana put together last Summer at Reno High that I wanted her back in. Believe it or not, she was sold after the first meeting. She couldn’t stop talking about how much fun she had had. I hope the program will help build her self confidence and public speaking abilities.
All the best!


Washoe County School District Team Up After School Reno, NV

One of our students Jazmin who primarily speaks Spanish is very scared to speak in school. Last year she was made fun of a lot for the way she spoke English and didn’t speak!

She has just enrolled in the enrichment class, KidScape Productions, where children learn self confidence, presentation and life skills in the class. She was very hesitant to participate at first, but she has been making so much progress. She has been working on projecting her voice and developing a lot of confidence in class. Jazmin is now talking!


Michael J Reno, NV Parent

If you’re looking for a safe and enriching environment for your kids, where they can be encouraged to “come out of their shells” and participate in a fun and safe atmosphere … while building self-esteem and communication skills, you can NOT do them a better service than KidScape!


Tyler C Reno, NV Student

KidScape is brilliant. During a time where people everywhere (most notably kids and teens) are very insecure and unsure about themselves, KidScape is the perfect program, instilling self confidence and good people skills. You learn how to be yourself and the best yourself you can be. Each instructor is so awesome and passionate about what they’re doing! It feels so nice to be a part of something so life changing.


Duncan B Brooklyn, NY Parent

KidScape is a great place to teach children a multitude of skills, from acting to public speaking, My child had fun , made friends and learned confidence! I highly recommend them!


Bradley T Reno, NV Parent

KidScape offers comprehensive acting courses to children and young adults that emphasize and reinforce positive, emotional growth, as well as confidence. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with one of their instructors outside of the classroom and her passion was palpable. In fact, she encouraged me to drop in on a course, which I did out of curiosity (and because of her infectious energy). Even though I’m too old to enroll as a student, I would recommend the classes to any child as an outlet of expression and outward growth, even if the kid has no inherent desire to become the next Nathan Lane.


April Kasper Reno, NV Instructor

KidScape offers a great experience to anyone who wants to be an actor and anyone who doesn’t want to be an actor! It teaches children communication skills that can be applied to everyday socialization and to some not so everyday situations as well, like class presentations and future job interviews. KidScape provides a child with increased self esteem and confidence that will certainly prepare them to think on their feet and to communicate with clarity and respect. I recommend at least trying a class and I’m willing to bet you will get hooked, because it is fun and it is designed to make you feel good about yourself – and everyone wants to feel that way.


Renee P Auburn, CA Parent

I highly recommend Christiana and KidScape Productions. I drove my daughter from Auburn to Reno each day for a whole week in the summer to attend a KidScape Camp. It was an amazing experience. Christiana and her team teach children invaluable communication skills and build self-esteem in a safe and totally fun environment. I see the positive results in my daughter and would recommend any class offered by KidScape Productions.


Bill M Reno, NV Parent

KidScape is a unique blend of fun activities and self-esteem training. Their masterful programs can take even the most introverted kids and turn them into an outgoing, able and communicative achiever. With opportunities in this world often being based on how well an individual stands out among their peers, I wouldn’t dream of sending my children into the world without this invaluable tool to help them get ahead. Truly life training at it’s best, and developed and executed by a professional actress!


Jennifer P Manhattan Beach, CA Parent

KidScape is an asset to The Reno Community! Miss Chris Helped my Daughter be more vocal and assertive. I loved the program and would highly recommend it to anyone of my friends.


M. Burrows Reno, NV Parent

My son, has been attending Kidscape’s classes and I cannot believe how much it has increased his self confidence. This drama class has really given him the opportunity to learn how to express himself in a fun and supportive environment. It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of other people and perform and now he feels that much more confident doing so. Thank you KidScape!


The Kruse’s Reno, NV Parents

Kidscape Productions is one of the best things that has ever happened to my daughter. My daughter has developed unbelievable self-esteem, memorization skills, and self-confidence through these programs. Christiana Frank does an amazing job building the kids up with her constant positive reinforcement, compassion, and her amazing high energy acting programs. My daughter enjoys attending every single class Kidscape has to offer, never a boring moment at Kidscape. It’s been an amazing journey and we are so grateful to be a part of it.


Dan Glenn Youth Program Coordinator, Reno Housing Authority

Kidscape Productions came to the rescue at just the right time.  Christiana started her weekly class at a low income complex in Stead in late August.  There were several kids getting into trouble simply out of boredom.  Since kSp started at the complex several of the kids ranging in ages from 7 to 15 who participate have dramatically improved their behavior.  Just a month after kSp started the manager of the complex stated how she had only received one complaint involving children at their complex which was a complete 180!  Kidscape Productions has been invaluable to these kids in so many ways.  I have seen a few of the kids who were overly hyperactive settle down because of the creative outlet and personal attention that they receive in class.  Children who attend class are memorizing monologues on their own time, which is totally amazing!  Kidscape Productions inspires kids to get out of their shells and tap into areas that they never knew they even had.  Kidscape helps children who either have trouble reading or don’t like to read because it makes it fun.  I have seen some of the children really transformed in a way that is hard to describe in words.  Thank you so much Christiana and Kidscape Productions for all of your amazing work!


Lindsey Corbett Reno, NV Student

I have been with KidScape productions for almost two years now, and it has been an amazing experience for me. Before I joined KidScape, I was extrememly shy. I couldn’t read something in front of my class or give a presentation in front of people. It was so bad that I couldn’t even order my own food at a restaurant. But then I found KidScape, and it changed my life. Suddenly, I got confidence, and people began to notice. Now I am raising my hand in class to read, or to do my presentation first! I would have never even considered doing that before I joined KidScape! And now I have improv skills, and being able to think quickly on my feet has helped me in my everyday life. Because of KidScape I have met new friends, have had amazing experiences, and have become a better actor.


Martha B. Reno, NV Grandparent

My 6-yr.-old granddaughter looks forward to Improv class every week. In the 7 months since we’ve been going, she has become more confident, with improved coordination and communication with others. The focus and attention to detail that she has learned at Kidscape has spilled over into her daily life and positively affects all of her activities. Perhaps most importantly, she believes in her own imagination and knows that there are no wrong answers in the creative process. I’m so glad we discovered KidScape. I hope to continue to witness her growth and potential under Christiana’s masterful tutelage for many years to come.


Krista B. Reno, NV Parent

KidScape Productions has been an amazing experience for my son. He has become more focused in class and is not afraid to stand up and give presentations anymore. Christina “Ms. Cris” has really touched on a great need for today’s youth and is doing an amazing job presenting it to her students. While I was discouraged that I would be unable to afford the $8 donation fee for the improvisation workshop. Ms. Cris has always made it clear that this should never be an issue and her focus is on the kids. This girl is an amazing woman and I believe the Reno/Sparks community should notice what she is doing and assist her in her efforts.

This program is something that should not be ignored!


Carson City, NV Parent

When I first signed my daughter up for the Kidscape program she didn’t want to go. She’s extremely shy and was very afraid to join an activity where she might not know anyone. Within the first day at Kidscape she was having so much fun she didn’t want to leave. She was laughing and talking with the other actors and having a great time. In a short period of time she learned amazing communication skills and to her it was all great fun! Now, whenever she’s around the Kidscape program I have a hard time keeping her off the stage. Her self confidence improved 110% during the time she was in this program, and she continues to ask when she can go back.


Katherine B. Reno, NV Student

I have been attending classes at KidScape Productions with Christiana for about 1 year.

I have learned several ways to think fast on my feet. Also how to help someone out on stage if they forget a line or if I am on stage with a new student of KidScape and they are not sure exactly what to do or say.

I have improved so much on how to communicate well with my audience, but also have gotten much better at being able to ignore the audience if they are distracting. Also, KidScape has assisted me in improving my confidence. Ever since starting KidScape I am much more outgoing and energetic. KidScape also helped me be able to look out into the audience and connect by using eye contact without getting stage fright. KidScape will definitely help me in the long run with school because I won’t be afraid of doing a presentation and speaking in front of my peers. Also in life, I will be able to deal with people a lot easier since it has helped me be more outgoing.

I have had the great opportunity to assist several improv summer day camp classes and soon scene study summer day camp classes. When I assist at these, I help younger kids learn the skills I have learned in a fun environment. These classes have also give me the opportunity to learn to deal with shy kids and help them merge into a new group of people, help them become more self-confident. Helping the kids at the camp has also helped me with my personal acting; I can present myself much better and my acting has improved in being louder, facing the audience, and thinking on my toes.


Mary K. Reno, NV Parent

When I first saw the advertisement for KidScape Productions Drama Program in Reno, Nevada. I thought this would be a great opportunity for my daughter, Charlene, to experience how a professional Actor is trained.  Led by a New York, Los Angeles Actress, Christiana Frank I was sure that if Charlene was to get the full experience and  this would be the way to go. Not only were my assumptions correct, but so much more was included in this program that I felt the need to let the Reno Community know that this is available for their kids.  KidScape Productions has a series of professional classes, from Beginning Acting, Improvisation Troupes to an Advanced Performance class.  While Charlene had a wonderful time learning like the professionals something greater came out of her attending this program.  KidScape uses the art of acting to reach students in a way I have not seen any other after school program accomplish.  Charlene gained an amazing amount of Self Confidence that has showed up in every part of her life.  Her grades have improved as well as her desire to take on more activities before and after school hours.  This program is not just for the want to be actor, it is for all children who are in training to be successful adults.  Parents, this program is amazing and I highly recommend it for all ages…if you are thinking about what you can give your child for Christmas this year. Give them the opportunity to grow, learn self worth and have a great time doing it!


Andrea G. Reno, NV Parent

I just wanted to thank you and Kidscape for all that you have done for my child, Ryan. I first enrolled him, hoping that the Theater Games would help him learn how to focus. You have exceeded my expectations. He is doing better in the classroom since he started at Kidscape. I think it has to do with having learned the difference between when it is his turn to perform verses when he needs to be quiet and let someone else have the stage. So, thank you again.


Karon M. Reno, NV Parent

KidScape Productions and Christiana Frank have made a big difference in the way my 12-year old daughter behaves. She used to have the opinion that among other children she was the most important child around and was deserving of all the attention bestowed. AKA: Princess and All-Important. (This attitude wasn’t all her fault, she is the only child of a single “older” mother). After attending KidScape acting classes she has done an about-face in her thinking and her behavior has changed dramatically!! She has learned to share the “spot-light” with others and has learned that to do so is FUN! She has also met many new friends through KidScape. Christiana has been both a mentor and friend to my daughter and myself. I am thankful that this program has been offered to me and that I took the opportunity to try something new for my daughter. (She has already done gymnastic and dance classes). I only wish it had been around before now. |�]THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU KidScape and Ms. Christiana Frank for all that you are doing for my daughter!! (And myself)!


Dylan D. Reno, NV Student

KidScape Productions has helped me in many ways. Some of the ways include:

  • Boosting my self-esteem in class
  • Helping me with my school work when I have to read in front of the class; I no longer get scared or shaky.

KidScape Productions has helped me a lot, now I’m not easily embarrassed in public.


Jessica Y. Reno, NV Student

Words don’t do KidScape justice in describing how it has helped me. I have learned so much about acting and about self confidence in this program. Before I started KidScape I always knew I wanted to be an actress but didn’t have the confidence to get up on stage and use a loud clear voice without panicking. Now I can pretty much do anything on stage without getting stage fright. It has helped with reports given in school and simple stuff such as looking someone directly in the eye when talking. The environment at KidScape is awesome; you can be yourself and not worry about what everyone else thinks. Ms.Cris does a great job of teaching students and making them feel welcome. This program is an amazing way to help your child develop skills they can use throughout life. KidScape has made a HUGE difference in my life and hopefully it will in you or your child’s as well.


Amelia W. Reno, NV Student

KidScape has taught me so many life skills. I haven’t been told to speak up since taking the class. I am more confident, have no problem meeting people’s eyes and can now speak with a conviction and confidence that shows I am a strong person. Instead of learning simple memorization, I learned how to understand the information so it made more sense and then the memorization came easy. This has helped me in school with many of my classes but mainly English. Shakespeare no longer seems as daunting because I know I can break it down into easy to understand terms. Ms. Cris is amazing and helps me succeed and become a person I’m proud of.


Fort Collins, CO Teacher

KidScape Productions is an AMAZING program for kids- teens AND adults in Reno, Nevada. The way Christiana Frank and her instructors work with students is something to really watch. Taking the “shy” and those with less “confidence” and really building their Self Esteem through a professional Drama Curriculum.

If you have the opportunity to enroll yourself in this program OR your child – I highly suggest you do! This is an opportunity of a lifetime. KidScape Productions website is and while it is based in Reno, Christiana and her instructors came to Colorado to run a program for my students in Fort Collins.


Debra Ward Coordinator, Dream Weaver Marketing, Reno

“I strongly believe in supporting KidScape Productions. My company was more than proud to donate funding to assist with the production of KidScape plays.  With so many schools cutting out the programs that help kids the most, it is imperative that children have the opportunity to increase their self confidence through drama, support and communication.  I’ve watched children grow and improve in school, and gain experience they would have never received without KidScape.  The program is to be commended.”

Facebook Reviews

  • 5 star review  So excited for the summer production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for my daughter to participate in! Thank you to kidscape for always being a great option for after school and school break camps:)

    thumb Monica Teves

    5 star review  My daughter has participated in several Kidscape camps and absolutely loves them. She has participated in a few full play camps and an improv camp and has loved them. I am a teacher, so I am off during her school breaks, but when given a choice between staying home and doing other activities or attending a Kidscape camp, she chooses Kidscape every time. It's been a very positive experience for her!

    thumb Tiffany Knauss Marty

    5 star review  I love Kidscape!! Working for this company and changing lives everyday is truly amazing!!! Children are our future and our passion is inspiring and giving them the tools to become great leaders and communicators in life!!!! I couldn't ask for a more perfect dream job. I learn so much everyday!!

    thumb Ashlea Nichols

  • 5 star review  Love It Nothing but positive things come from this amazing program!!!!!!!!

    thumb Michele E Lans

    5 star review  Wylder has always been our "jock" but we believe in exposing kids to whatever they show interest in. When Wylder expressed a repeated interest in this program I did everything I could to make it happen for him. That's not always easy to do with with a large family but KidScape and CMD Design made it affordable for Wylder to attend and I can't thank thank them enough.

    The teachers are full of energy and amazing ideas that tap into the imagination of each child in a way our standardized education is unable to do these days. They challenge the kids to think on their feet, express themselves and communicate with others while having a great time.

    The kids learn to channel their already burgeoning imaginations to create and learn valuable skills that will help them in class and in the future as public speakers.

    More importantly, Wylder flat out loves it.

    thumb T.j. May

    5 star review  I am so happy that Christiana is making a solid difference in the children's life with all skills. I wish every one had a balance with humor and more people used it positively like being silly. All the children always have smile on their faces! The manners and skills should be mainstream. I'm am always entertained with laughter, and happiness for years by this precious passionate woman that makes a difference in the heart of a child. . 5 Stars for a 5 Star lady. I wish every child could take at least 1 class to see if they love it!

    thumb Diane Underwood

  • 5 star review  I have been with Kidscape for 7 years now and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Kidscape has taught me how to speak in front of a large group of people and overcome my stage fright. This way when I am in school I can give reports in front of my classes and fellow peers. So they can better understand me, hear me, and making eye contact with them so they know I am talking to them. As well as it has taught me better skills for when I am communicating with a superior or with co-workers in a future job.

    thumb Adam James Rogers

    5 star review  So many things these kids learn! The acting is just a small part of all the life skills going on here. What an incredible program!

    thumb Vallery LaBarre

    5 star review  KidScape was wonderful for both my kids. Thank you: ) for being such a valuable part of my kids education.

    thumb Jennifer Koch-Petrilla

  • 5 star review  My daughter loved everything about all of these classes and summer camps. It's the most positive and encouraging environment for children that I've seen. It makes them use their brains and think on their toes, but the kids are having so much fun they don't even realize it. I would highly recommend trying anything related to Kidscape.

    thumb Jodi Schultz-Kruse

    5 star review  Awesome work with teens--creative, fast-paced, terrific rapport!

    thumb Rod Hearn

    5 star review  Kidscape productions is an amazing group to join if you want to meet other performing arts enthusiasts, hone your improving skills, or just get out of your own shell! Christiana Frank-Daniels will give you the preparation to put yourself in front of an audience and go all out! She is a great instructor and all around wonderful person. I value the experience I had with her company, and highly recommend Kidscape to anyone looking to get their kids involved.

    thumb Marcus Rucks

  • 5 star review  My son loves this class! I know it's going to give him a leg up in life being a confident communicator 🙂

    thumb April Kasper