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Afterschool Improv Classes

Fall 2014 Afterschool Improv Classes

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Winter break camp will be held from Jan 5-9, 2015.

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Fall break camp will be held in October 2015.

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KidScape Productions is a professional Life Skills and Acting program for ages 3 and up to develop self-confidence and communication skills. Our main class is composed of improvisational games, where students must apply their listening and speaking skills through a creative and comfortable setting. The program includes but is not limited to other professional Life Skills Courses. I.E. Teacher Training, Assemblies, Team Building, Performance, Scene Study, On Camera Workshops, Corporate Seminars, and Events.

Students will learn from curriculum created at Juilliard in NYC and Yale School of Drama in CT. The curriculum was developed to strengthen important skills such as Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Presentation Skills, through the creative outlet of acting and can be differentiated to meet the needs of any developmental level, school, or organization. The researched based platform can also be tailored to enrich and enhance the guiding principles already in place and correlate our mission with yours.

Our mission is to offer students tools to ensure participants become confident and articulate. Therefore becoming better equipped to develop successful relationships throughout their lives as well as succeed in all future goals.

KidScape Productions teaches students to develop skills to understand and enrich social relationships to create positive and confident individuals. The success in the process of learning, and the outcome of the program will create students who have strong self-esteem preparing them for further success in school and family, success in business and personal relationships. It all starts here!

Why Choose Us
New Performance Games every session

We continually develop and implement new games each session to help keep our classes fresh and engaging for all participants.

Builds Self Esteem and Self Confidence

People who are confident and articulate are better equipped to develop successful relationships throughout their life. KidScape Productions teaches students to develop these skills and equip them to make the most of the process. Happiness equals success. Success in school, success in family, success in business and success in personal relationships. It all starts here!

Repetition creates mastery

Ongoing participation in KidScape’s workshops/events help build confident, articulate people while creating a sense of belonging in the community.

Meets the common core state standards

KidScape Productions meets the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts and cross-curricular literacy by developing speaking, listening, and foundational skills.

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