Attention! KidScape Productions' Tuesday Improv Class in NW Reno (4-6pm) is CANCELED on December 26th, 2023 and January 2nd, 2024.

Our Team

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Christiana Frank

Owner/Founder/Curriculum Developer
Christiana Frank-Daniels created KidScape Productions at the New York City Police Department /At-Risk Youth Division in 1999. She has attended Juilliard in New York City, Yale School of Drama in Connecticut as well as two years of extensive coaching with Uta Hagen.     KidScape Productions utilizes research-based improvisation, role-play and theatre techniques to help students master important life skills that work on and off the stage.  Mrs. Frank-Daniels’ passion is rooted in her commitment to lifelong learning and sharing KidScape Productions and its effects on educators and students in the United States and abroad.
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Charles Daniels

Operations Manager/Lead Instructor
Charles Daniels is originally from San Diego, CA and has lived in Reno since 2004. Mr. Daniels is the Operations Manager and Technical Support for KidScape Productions as well as a lead instructor. Mr. Daniels has been working with KidScape Productions for over 11 years. Mr. Daniels served in the United States Marine Corps and was also a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service and CalFire. He brings a positive, fun, focused attitude that is motivational and goal/growth oriented.
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Angie Green

Lead Instructor
Hello! My name is Angie Green. I’ve been performing for about 14 years and love doing anything and all theatre related! I actually did KidScape in elementary and now I am an Instructor! I work closely with Reno Little Theatre as well and I love getting kids involved!
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Brandy Ramirez Santillana

Lead Instructor
I am Brandy Ramirez Santillana, I’m currently attending the University of Reno, Nevada, pursuing a Bachelor of Art degree in Theater (Acting Specialization). I am an aspiring comedian whose goal in life is to bring joy and laughter to others. I’m also a part of University of Reno, Nevada Comedy Club, where I’ve written and performed stand up comedy and comedy sketches. As a Latin American women who understand that inclusivity plays an important role in building confidence, I aim to encourage others to rise to their fullest potential.

Brooke Stutler

Lead Instructor
Hi everyone! My name is Brooke. Ever since I was old enough to talk, I’ve loved to act my heart out. I remember theatre camp and drama club being some of the biggest highlights of my childhood, and I’m so fortunate to be able to share these joys with the kids at Kidscape! I graduated with a BA in Research Psychology with a minor in Theatre at UNR in 2021, and I’m currently pursuing my MSW. In the future, I hope to combine my love of mental health and theatre to inspire and improve the lives of kids and adults alike!
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Cassie Webb

Lead Instructor

Hello! My name is Cassie Webb, and I grew up in Fallon, NV. I am currently attending TMCC and am pursuing a career in Wildlife Biology and Education, specifically in documentary making.

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Dace Likethefish

Lead Instructor
I’ve been studying and performing improv since 2013. Originally trained at Atlas Improv Company in Madison, WI, I’ve also studied with Monkey Business Institute, Come On Jackson, From Justin To Kelly, Empire Improv, and Reno Improv. I’m a strong believer in the potential of improv as a form of storytelling, community building, and personal growth through trying on new ideas. It’s a great privilege to empower our youth with these tools, while having a lot of fun in the process.
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Eliot Current

Lead Instructor
I am a hard working high school student who loves promoting better communication and life skills in kids and all people. I believe that communicating and communicating accurately can solve all problems. I have been with KidScape Productions as a student for many years and I hope to use that knowledge to help kids just like me, just like KidScape did for me when I was younger. Although all the learning stuff is important too the most important thing is to have fun, because if you don’t have fun you don’t really learn anything.

Karen Ramirez

Lead Instructor

Karen I. Ramirez was born in Los Angeles CA and raised in a small-town in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. From a young age, Ms. Ramirez sought to express her emotions, finding her love of art through Mexican Folkloric Ballet at the tender age of 5, when she joined the multi-award winning Ballet Folclórico Tecuexe. Through determination and team work, she rose along with fellow dancers to compete professionally and travel around Mexico and Latin America at 13 years old. Ms. Ramirez would earn licensing in performance arts. While in the U.S Ms. Ramirez gained a certificate from Harvard for American Government: Constitutional Foundations, while also working at Ramon Garza Elementary School in Bakersfield CA in the Family And Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.) program. This program commits to involve parents and the community to help support students and schools in building positive, warm, welcoming environments to grow and thrive in. With a passion for others and the expression of art, Ms. Ramirez is honored and excited to be part of the KidScape Production team.

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Regina Powers

Lead Instructor
Regina was a Singer, Dancer, Illusionist. She and her partner performed under the name Dexion, traveling all over the world with Greg Thompson Productions. She is grateful to be able to give back all the experience she has learned in being a professional performer.
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Rubi Kincannon

Lead Instructor
Hi my name is Rubi Kincannon and I am a junior at Reno Highschool! I first joined KidScape Productions when I was 8 years old. I was a really quiet kid who was extremely hesitant to talk to people or try new things. KidScape Productions has full credit for the extroverted and out going person I have become. I completely fell in love with acting all those years ago and couldn’t imagine my future without it. It is my primary goal to make Kidscape as inspiring and life changing for the students as it was for me.

Ryan Corrigan

Lead Instructor

My name is Ryan Corrigan. I am graduate from UNR in 2020 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Theater. I have done a ton of theater work in the Reno community with Reno Little Theater and Bruka Theater. I have experience in standup comedy as well as improv during my time in Jesters League in Las Vegas. I have education experience in college and have been working with kids almost my whole life. I have done student teaching during my time at UNR, done tutoring, and helped in the day care at my church. I am super excited to be doing something I am truly passionate in Improv!

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Sadie Ward

Lead Instructor

I am a freshman in college and I have been with Kidscape for many years and I plan to continue being a part of this wonderful family. I just directed a recent Kidscape play The Marvelous Squad. In the past I have performed in nine productions and I assistant directed two full plays. I participated in the 2018 Reno Fashion Show and I have taken four years of choir. I am currently informing the community about improv and Kidscape through speech and debate. I truly believe in what Kidscape is teaching. Improv has personally helped me overcome my monsters. I want to help the kids in my community through this amazing program.

Sheila Griffith

Lead Instructor

Sheila Griffith, owns Zeloso Health, Pilates, Massage and Nutrition Studio.  Since 1997 she has enjoyed all the Vail Valley of Colorado has to offer to her and her family. She has studied Authentic Relating, Transformational Facilitation and Coaching with Dr Claire Zammet and is a Certified Heartmath ® Resilience AdvantageTM  Trainer. In 2020, she founded Evolve Thrive Joy Youth Non-Profit, “To engage and uplift the youth (and their parents) in our communities so that they grow and thrive into their full potential.” She loves goofing around on outdoor adventures, is a gourmet picnicker and much to her daughters dismay, frequently improv’s song lyrics from a 1980’s song list.  Her passion is to ignite others in reaching for their goals and living an authentic and connected life. 

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