Spring 2018 Afterschool Programs & Classes open for registration. 
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Spring 2018 Afterschool Registration Open

Afterschool classes now open for registration.

Spring Break Camp Announcement

Next full play for Spring Break is "The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon"

Applied Improv

We offer workshops that are designed to give participants the opportunity to practice and master important skills in a fun and lighthearted atmosphere through verbal and nonverbal communication, memory and recall, listening and asking questions, flexibility, metacognition and executive functioning skills. Utilizing the mind body connection, Applied Improvisation (AI) offers a platform for learning crucial skills in a low stake environment.

18 years empowering kids and teens! KidScape Productions uses research based improvisation, role play ant theatre techniques to help participants learn important life skills that work on and off the stage!

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Designed for ages 3-17 to help participants hone confidence and life skills

KidScape Productions offers before, during, and after school workshops, assemblies, out-of-school time camps, and private coaching. Our high-energy, engaging curriculum is focused on developing important life skills through the creative outlet of professional acting, role play, improvisation, breath, and yoga. Our mindful approach to communication skills, social awareness, and confidence in speaking successfully builds, balances, and enhances physical and mental flexibility; emotional understanding and regulation; identifying and using social cues; as well as memory, recall, optimism, empathy, self-acceptance, self-esteem.

18 years and older, corporations and educational facilities see: www.TeamBuildingOnPurpose.com *Corporate team building, role play, structure of power, professional development, mediation, private coaching and more!


Afterschool Improv Classes

Here is our Spring 2018 Afterschool Improv Class Lineup.

Our Camps

Camps are held during school breaks in the fall, winter, spring and summer.

In School Day Programs
Our day programs run throughout the year at various sites

Some benefits of participating in our program:

  • Ability to look at a whole person and/or situation; manage emotions, conflict/resolution, and decision making; and follow-up with appropriate verbal and nonverbal responses
  • Ability to step out of comfort zone through interpersonal and/or intrapersonal approaches
  • Navigation of multifaceted emotions and exploration of available responses that reduce the sense of “threat” while still being mindful of the seriousness of a situation.
  • Joy in learning, greater respect, stronger connections, collaborative and engaged learning, children and adults working together, self-awareness, compassion and empathy.
  • As new strategies are put in place within school districts, KidScape Productions and Team Building On Purpose will be working diligently to create, offer, and implement applications that enhance this journey in education.
  • KidScape Productions and Team Building On Purpose offer classes with or without inclusion with all learning styles and needs.

As students realize their options for managing emotions, they are better equipped to mollify stress in testing, solve life problems, and effectively address confrontational situations. Our methodology encourages students to kinesthetically demonstrate their comprehension through performance.

KidScape Productions teaches students to develop skills to understand and enrich social relationships to create positive and confident individuals. The success in the process of learning, and the outcome of the program will create students who have strong self-esteem preparing them for further success in school and family, success in business and personal relationships. Welcome to the KidScape Productions family, see you in class!