Winter Full Play Camp

Dates:January 8th - 12th, 2018
Time:8:30am to 5:30pm
Location:Damonte Ranch Performing Arts School (PAC)
10500 Rio Wrangler Pkwy, Reno 89521
Cost:$335 includes material fee
Performance:January 12th Doors open 2:30 pm Show starts at 3pm


Mary Fitzfry is a modern teenager. She lives with her Mom. Their relationship was once very strong but they fight a lot now because Mom seems so terminally uncool.

Mary is friends with a Mad Scientist, Professor Gelb. She has built a time machine, powered by 1.21 Macguffawatts. It may be built out of a hoverboard -- that things people were so into two years ago. Mary is accidentally sent back to the 1980s.

She bumps into her mom (Maybe at a restaurant based on Cheers) and changes history, so that she might never be born, probably because her mother will accidentally be killed. Mom takes Mary to her neighborhood, which is having a block party full of pastiches of 80s sitcom families and characters.

Mary finds the 80s Prof Gelb and convinces her she's really from the future ("Who's president in 2017?" "You ... wouldn't believe me." -- "You mean you have these phones in your pockets that you can use to talk to anyone at any time, including videophone technology and you use them to send 'text messages?'"). To get the power to go back to her own time, Mary must acquire some legendary magical artifact, plus she has to change history again.

Mary and her mother go on this quest together. Along the way they meet our Goonies, Ghostbuster and the A-Team plus Mary learns to better appreciate her mother so that when she gets back she can repair their relationship.

Note: Pre-registration required. No walk-ins or drop-ins allowed for this specific camp. Backstage age requirement is 10 and older.

Available spaces: 35 actors 15 backstage