Attention! KidScape Productions' Tuesday Improv Class in NW Reno (4-6pm) is CANCELED on December 26th, 2023 and January 2nd, 2024.

KidScape Productions talks about strong offers and “yes, and”.


The “yes, and” theory  is thought by most to be the defining principles of improvisational art and learning..  It suggests that participants are obligated to accept offers with “yes” and follow it up with an “and” to heighten ideas and propel conversations. Whether you follow the work of Viola Spolin or Johnstone, it encourages improvisers to try something new and unknown. The “yes, and” theory suggest that denying idea’s is often a decision born out of fear.   KidScape Productions belief is that  participants not only learn to trust themselves, but really start to listen to others and work as a team. While it is necessary to have a strong offer in Improvisation and to quickly know the who, what and where, the “yes, and” creates an equal playing ground for all participants who are accepting and working together.    Improvisation works for all ages when applied correctly and helps with confidence, creativity, presentation skills, propelling conversations,  thinking quickly and so much more.                       -Christiana Frank-Daniels 2015


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