The strategies of Applied Improvisation have proven time and time again to benefit many additional fields outside the performing arts and the theatre.  In the past few years, people have begun using this tool to enhance a variety of situations in psychology, public speaking, corporate businesses, medicine and education.

KidScape Productions (  & Team Building On Purpose ( took this news seriously and through much research is able to supply applications for all ages for many different objectives and outcomes.  The use of role-play and improvisation creates an environment that opens up communication to achieve learning and innovation.   It is an amazing tool for instilling confidence, empathy, listening skills, intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, quick thought and focus in the moment.

Improvisation works on Yes, and, being in the moment and give and take.  This outline allows participants to actively work on creating a learned skill in a safe and fun environment.



-Christiana Frank-Daniels


KidScape Productions & Team Building On Purpose



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