KidScape Productions is a professional acting program with a mindful approach to social emotional skill sets and confidence in speaking. Our pedagogical tools offer students a fun and positive approach to self-actualization in communication through the use of professional acting, improvisation, and role play techniques.  Our main focus is to build, balance, and enhance physical and mental flexibility. Through hands-on, research-based strategies, students discover the power of effort, hone emotional understanding and regulation; identify and use social cues; as well as improve memory, recall, optimism, empathy, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.

  • Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills through professional acting, improvisation, and role play curricula.
  • Schools, organizations and teachers may submit themes and content or cross-curricular lesson plans to reinforce:
    • Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies.
    • Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) strategies.
    • Growth mindset strategies.
    • Academic inclusion.
    • Classroom management/ behavior techniques.
    • Transition activities.

18 years and older, corporations and educational facilities see: *Corporate team building, role play, structure of power, professional development, mediation, private coaching and more!


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KidScape Productions, CMD2 Design and Team Building On Purpose are all part of The Frank-Daniels Family!  Each company works well together or separately to support organizational and institutional culture growth and discounts apply when utilizing one or more of our companies.


KidScape Productions
 offers before, during, and after school workshops, assemblies, out-of-school time camps, and private coaching.  The high-energy, engaging curriculum is focused on developing important life skills through the creative outlet of professional acting, role play, improvisation, breath, and yoga.  Our mindful approach to communication skills, social awareness, and confidence in speaking successfully builds, balances, and enhances physical and mental flexibility; emotional understanding and regulation; identifying and using social cues; as well as memory, recall, optimism, empathy, self-acceptance, self-esteem.  Our focus is to help students become active participants in their life.  KidScape Productions provides students professional tools for life long success in communication and relationships! Watch this one minute video on why we think this matters to you and yours:  Click here

tmbonp-fb-cover-urlTeam Building On Purpose offers hands-on, cutting edge tools and science based research, TMBONP offers participants tools that are easily applied to any social or business solution.  Whether your focus is on managing people or teams, we offer both scaffolding and differentiated instructional options.  Our team will come directly to you (international) and offer: professional development training’s, corporate team building, assemblies, workshops, key note speeches and private coaching.  Our mindful approach to character development, teamwork, accountability, and enthusiasm brings a fresh feel to your current or future organizational culture.   Through professional role play and improvisational methodologies, TMBONP’s approach is easily integrated with any organization’s guiding principles.  For more about our company, please view our three minute video: Click here

cmddesign-banner-servicesCMD2 Design offers Responsive Web Design for all of our web builds from HTML/CSS, CMS (Content Management System) and ecommerce. All sites are custom designed and built to your specific needs.  We provide a strong focus on: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to help with your online presence.  CMD2 Design also finds the most effective way to design and deliver your message. We offer services that include logo design, packaging, brochures, signage, as well as video graphics. We bring concepts to reality.



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